The Palace of Festos, one of the most important Minoan palaces and the second largest (about 18,000 sqm) after that of Knossos, is built on a hill on the western edge of the largest and richest plain of Messara. From that point controlled the local prince-king
not only goods but the plain and out to sea and ports of the Gulf of Messara.
According to mythology, Phaistos dynasty reigned Radamanthys, son of Zeus and brother of Minos.

The Palace of Phaistos is typical Minoan palace because of the excellent architectural composition and impeccable construction. The first palace of Phaistos was built at the beginning of the second millennium BC, at the top of the lower hill, flattened and shaped properly. H lives of the first palace lasted almost three centuries (2000-1700 BC). Around 1700 BC destroyed by a great fire. On the ruins of a magnificent new palace was built, which was destroyed, and the other Minoan centers in the mid-15th century. BC Most ruins that visitors see today belong to it. In the Archaic period is the temple of the "Great Mother" or Peas found palaioanaktorika built on ruins in the southern part of the palace.