West of  Kissamos and north of the beautiful village of Kaliviani, stretches the impressive Gramvoussa peninsula.
The peninsula is formed by steep rocks and is covered with thyme and origanum bushes and wild flowers.
On the north west side of the peninsula opposite to the island of Gramvoussa is the wonderful beach of Balos.
The beach is covered with fine white sand and is located between the two creeks of the Tigani cape.
The same white sand covers the bottom of the sea and grants to the sea an emerald color.
In front of the beach is the picturesque island of Gramvoussa and on the back is the Geroskinos mountain.
The road from Kaliviani is well paved road, with amazing view to the steep rocky seaside of the east side of the peninsula.
The road ends one-two km before the beach, and the visitor can follow a pave road to Balos.
North of Balos, at the Korykon cape, are the ruins of the small Roman city of Agnion, with a temple of the God Apollo.